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If you would like to become an Agency Business Partner of LOOKINCARE, yould should fill out an agency application form or you should send an e-mail to partner@lookincare.com with the following information

    •  Name/Company Name
    •  Middle Name (for individual applications)
    •  Surname (for individual applications)
    •  E-mail
    •  Phone
    •  Address
  •  In case of confirmation of your application as an agency business partner, you will be provided a member ID and a password for login to the Agency Module and also you will be informed about working conditions and the commission rate confidentially by e-mail.
  •  Then, you should fill out an application form in the Agency Module for each patient you are referring.
  •  LOOKINCARE contacts with the patient you referred according to information you provided in the application form in order to prepare a medical plan for the referral patient’s needs.
  •  If the patient approves the medical plan prepared by LOOKINCARE’s Medical Network, next step will be treatment phase.
  •  After the referral patient undergoes a dental treatment with LOOKINCARE’s Medical Network, you will deserve a commission calculated based on the payment amount* made by the referral patient at LOOKINCARE’s Medical Network.
  •  Your commission will be transferred to your bank account  within 7 (seven) days after full payment of treatment fee by the referral patient and you  issued a valid document (invoice etc.) about the commission  service you provided to LOOKINCARE.
  •  You will be informed about the status of your referral in case of any proceeding   (Medical Plan Received by the patient – Medical Plan Approved by the patient –Admission of the patient to LOOKINCARE’s Dental Care Provider – Discharge of the patient from LOOKINCARE’s Dental Care Provider).

Commission Payment Handling and Tax Issues

Commission payments are made via the SWIFT network. Charges are split between LOOKINCARE and LOOKINCARE’s Agency on SHA (shared costs) basis. LOOKINCARE pays the charges of its own bank for payment order. LOOKINCARE’s Agency pays the charges of any intermediary bank and those of his / her own bank, if there are any. The intermediary bank fees are deducted from the commission amount transferred.

LOOKINCARE is not liable for any taxes of  its agencies in their home countries arising from commission payments.

To become an agency business partner of LOOKINCARE, please firstly fill out the agency application form here.

*Commission amount will be calculated based on the payment amount made without VAT.